Home Inspection Services

We service the MetroPlex providing professional building, home and foundation inspections with computer generated color picture reports delivered on-the-spot. No waiting for your report to be mailed back from the home office, no run-around. On site color picture reports in hand when your inspection is complete.

All Alliance home inspectors go through a rigorous training program regardless of previous licensing or experience. All inspections go above and beyond Texas’ state regulations to exceed the minimum standards including energy inspections.

We provide a visual inspection of the property at the day and time of the inspection. Although we cannot see through wall or foretell the future. Our training and experience help us provide an accurate inspection of the condition of the property.

In addition we do not charge any extra fees for the following items

Jacuzzi Tubs
Central Vacuum Systems
Multi-zone A/C

There are additional fees to inspect the following items

Detached Structures
Green Houses
Swimming Pool/Spa
Sprinklers Systems
Wood Destroying Insect Reports (Termite Inspections)

Alliance Inspection Service

A word about mold

Mold is a serious topic. There are as many serious mold inspection and remediation companies as there are charlatans. We do NOT perform mold inspection, per se. If mold is found visually in your structure, it will be noted in your report and at that point, it would be in your best interest to secure a Industrial hygienists or Indoor Air Quality Specialist. After full evaluation this individual should write the remediation plan.

Pest Control & Termite Inspections

Alliance Inspection Service has performed thousands of Wood Destroying Insect (termite) inspections since 1998. Unlike many inspection companies that use third party contractors to perform this portion of their services. Or, inspection companies that inspects but do not treat for termites. Alliance Inspection is fully trained, equipped and licensed to perform Wood Destroying Insect Reports for termites and others wood destroying insects.


There are many variables that are unique for each house. Different feature require more time and labor to inspect. Therefore the following questions must be asked to receive an accurate quote:

  • What year was the house built?
  • How many square feet of living space? Many companies charge for the garage square footage, we never have.
  • What type of foundation, slab or pier and beam?
  • Is the house all-electric or gas equipped mechanical systems?
  • Do you need a termite inspection? This is required for FHA loans.

Relocation Inspection

Relocation Inspection – can entail us inspecting your home in your absence, experience in dealing with customers from out of state, we will go through the home as if you were here with us, and let you know the areas that may need attention or are deficient. Once the inspection is complete, we will email the results to you and be available to answer any questions. This is the perfect service for absentee buyers.

We do accept credit cards over the phone.

Please call us at 972 681-2212 for a price quote.