Swimming Pool & Spa Inspections

Few things are more fun to have on your property than a swimming pool and/or a spa. However, there are many moving parts within the operation, making it paramount that equipment is working correctly.

Alliance Inspection Service, Inc. can help. We offer pool and spa inspections in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, area, and whether it is your current property or a home you are interested in purchasing, we would be happy to inspect equipment, parts, the area beside the pool, spa and more.

There are many benefits to having a professional swimming pool and spa inspection, with the biggest one being it will protect and maximize your investment by extending your pool’s longevity.

It’s often better to be proactive rather than reactive, and this is especially true with pools and spas.

In our inspections, we take a look at the motor, the water supply system, the ground fault circuit, interrupters, conduit and underwater lighting.

In fact, we’ll take a look at all visible electrical components and timer assemblies, as well as pool parts most people are familiar with, such as filters, drains, and the heating source.

Lastly, we make sure pumps, valve decks, piping and safety controls are satisfactory.

To learn more about the benefits of a swimming pool and spa inspection, contact us today.