Termite Control

Alliance Inspection Service Inc. is a full-service termite inspection company located in Dallas, Texas. We specialize in conducting thorough inspections of your home or business with our trained and licensed professionals.

Our team inspects all locations at your property that have conditions that could be favorable for any wood-destroying insect infestations. Such conditions and locations include debris under or around a structure, a planter box abutting the structure, places with insufficient ventilation, areas with wood-to-ground contact, areas where the footing is too low or the soil line is too high, wood piles that are in contact with a structure, formboards that have been left in place, buildings in contact with wooden fences, and wood rot, excessive moisture or heavy foliage.

These conditions and symptoms are just areas we check first. Our inspections also review your entire structure from top to bottom, checking in all accessible areas of the property. Sometimes portions of a home or commercial property may be in accessible – attic spaces, sub floors, crawlspaces or areas obstructed by debris, heavy foliage or large fixtures or appliances – but we make every effort to scour your whole structure for termites and other wood-destroying organisms.

When we find an infestation, we also have the knowledge and equipment needed – plus the Texas state credentials – to properly take care of the situation. With our full termite treatment services, we’ll help you remove these pests from your home and treat the affected areas to eradicate these wood-destroying insects and keep them from coming back.

Alliance Inspection Service Inc. is a trusted name in real estate inspections, and unlike many competitors, we offer all the resources to find and treat termite problems and prevent them from coming back. Don’t make multiple calls to get the job done – make just one to us. To schedule a termite inspection today, call 972-681-2212.

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