Sprinkler System Inspections

A fire breaking out is every home and building owner’s worst nightmare. As such, it is essential for owners to make sure their sprinkler systems are working properly.

Alliance Inspection Service, Inc. provides sprinkler system inspections throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, area. We follow the NFPA25, which is the standard inspectors should adhere to when inspecting, testing and performing maintenance on sprinkler systems.

Our experienced, licensed inspectors are well versed in the entire code, and we make sure all aspects of your sprinkler system are working properly.

In addition to protecting your investment, a sprinkler system, and water flow inspection also provides you with peace of mind knowing your system will be at its best should the ordeal of a fire happen.

To learn more about what a sprinkler system inspection entails, or to schedule an appointment with Alliance Inspection Service, Inc., contact us at your convenience.